2019 CWEA Redwood Empire Section Operator of the Year

James Mosing

Recipient of the 2019 Operator of the Year Award with CWEA Redwood Empire Section

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the District and the wastewater industry.  James currently holds an Operator Grade 4 license and has been in the wastewater industry for 9 years.  The skills he has learned through the years have developed James into an exemplary colleague, illustrating important roles each member of the wastewater industry should possess in protecting the environment and the community.

“I can fix it” Attitude

James has the ease of collaborating with his colleagues to accomplish more efficient and safe ways to perform their daily tasks and projects.  He is the type of operator who is never satisfied with doing ‘enough’. He approaches every task with a commitment to do his best work, and is always willing to shoulder additional responsibility and take on the most demanding projects. A couple of examples where James assumed additional responsibilities outside his normal duties includes supervising the completion of the District’s Lock-Out-Tag-Out project, and supervising the and training of other operators.  While this may be typical of those in his position, James always goes the extra mile because he personally cares for each member of his team and strives to help them the best he can.

“I take pride in knowing that I’m helping to protect the bay”

James is very passionate about his profession and is an advocate for the industry. He continually demonstrates this passion through his public outreach efforts, teaches others the importance of the industry and encourages them to join the field.  Whenever there is a tour of our facility for different groups, James is always one of the top operator choices for a tour guide. Through these tours, he is able to relay his experiences, knowledge, and enthusiasm.  His tours are always successful and bring many positive comments from attendees.  He participates in many outreach programs our agency conducts such as Coastal Creek Cleanup, career fairs and open house public events. James volunteers his time and speaks to local schools about the industry, the opportunities it presents, and how it benefits our communities. James takes a lead role in our internship & ROP program where he can further coach and  train students along their career. Assisting them to prepare for their certification tests, job interviews, and how to become the best operator they can.

“As operators we are given the chance to be there to protect our community and environment”

James has worked from an operator in training to now lead operator with a purpose and sense of responsibility to protect the environment in a broader scale to his home front.  To him, the most rewarding part to working as an operator is the chance to train or pass on to others what he’s learned over the years of working in this industry. 

Congratulations to James for his outstanding contributions and well-deserved recognition!

Courtesy of Ben Carver, Operations Supervisor