Under the Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP), maintenance of sewer facilities includes regular updates to the data, maps and condition assessments of the infrastructure.

Maintaining and Updating Maps

The GIS is maintained by the District’s GIS Analyst and data stewards.  Data is updated on an ongoing basis as new facilities are added or existing facilities are rehabilitated or replaced.  New residential and commercial developments are required by the District to provide electronic as-built drawings to assist in GIS updates.  As part of the District’s annual sewer cleaning and inspection, O&M Technicians notify the GIS Analyst of any errors in the District’s sewer maps.

Prioritized Preventive Maintenance

The District’s gravity sewers are on roughly a five-year cleaning and inspection rotation schedule.  The service area is divided into five geographical CCTV & Cleaning zones delineated in GIS.  If a given zone is not completed within the year, work continues until the zone is complete before crews move on to the next zone.  Inspections are reviewed by District staff to develop the rehabilitation scope.  Cleaning frequency is adjusted per inspection results; i.e. if a line becomes problematic with grease blockages, roots, etc. then it is inspected annually.

Any questions or comments can be forwarded to Meg Herston, mherston@fairfieldsuisunsewer.ca.gov or submit a Customer Request Form.

Sewer Lateral Responsibility

Sewer Responsibility Detail

Sewer laterals are primarily the responsibility of the homeowner.  If the homeowner has a private cleanout (not city-approved), they are responsible for lateral repairs up to the public sewer main.  The City is responsible for the lower lateral from the city-approved cleanout to the public sewer main.

The Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District is not responsible for sewer laterals.

For clarification on specific cases, contact your city’s Public Works Dept.

Fairfield Public Works – 707-428-7485

Suisun City Public Works – 707-421-7349  Click here for Suisun City’s Sewer Lateral Basics

For Sewer Overflows, you may contact your City:

Fairfield Public Works Dept, Corp. Yard Dispatch: 707-428-7407 (Press 5 to bypass menu)
Fairfield Police Dept, after normal business hours:  707-428-7300

Suisun City Public Works Dept:  707-421-7349
Suisun City Police Dept, after normal business hours: 707-421-7373

Sanitary Sewer System Performance

The District reports Sewer System Overflows (SSO) electronically to the California Integrated Water Quality System.

The electronic SSO data are available by agency or region.