Welcome to the video gallery!  Feel free to select the videos to learn more about FSSD and its educational programs.

Value to the Community
We recycle four 55-gallon barrels of wastewater from every house, every day, for about a dollar a day.

FSSD’s Infrastructure
Learn about the infrastructure throughout the community allowing us to collect and treat your wastewater.

How We Best Serve Our Community
How FSSD is using new technology and processes to create value for the community.

Basic Wastewater Treatment
What happens when water goes down the drain in Fairfield & Suisun City.

Detailed Process Overview

Find out more about how our Treatment plant works.

Careers at Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District
Learn more about our Dream Team of scientists, engineers, operators, mechanics, and business people.

Fairfield High School Environmental Science Class
Students learn about wastewater treatment using sludge from FSSD wastewater treatment plant.

Curb2Creek Program
High school student discussing his findings during a field trip to a local creek.

Wastewater Treatment
Learn how FSSD treats your wastewater at the plant.

Solano RCD 2018 Watershed Explorers Program
Watershed Explorers is a place-based environmental education field trip program for Solano County third graders.

Water Environment Federation – City of Spokane
Will it Flush?  Demonstration of flushing commonly used products that people often toss down the toilet.