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Each year the Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District and its team of volunteers look forward to creek cleanup events during International Coastal Cleanup Day.  This year will be very different with the Guiding Principles set by the CDC in the forefront of any gathering, but we can still do our part by stopping trash where it starts: at your door.

What’s Different This Year for Coastal Cleanup?

We are cleaning our neighborhoods, local parks, streets, waterways and storm drains for this year’s Coastal Cleanup. Trash travels through storm drains, creeks, and rivers to become beach and ocean pollution. Help clean the beach by picking up litter in your community with your household.

Cleanups are happening every Saturday in September. If Saturdays don’t work for you, don’t let that stop you! You can clean up any day, any time. If you report your cleanup to your local coordinator and/or record it on the CleanSwell app, all cleanups in September will be included as part of Coastal Cleanup Month.

For safety reasons, there are no large, centrally organized cleanup sites this year. Instead, cleanups will be self-guided and close to home. Practice physical distancing, and strictly follow both local ordinances and this safety document. To learn more about cleanup efforts near you, contact your local county coordinator.

Remember, beach cleanups start at your door. Thank you for staying safe, cleaning your neighborhoods, and protecting the coast!


Coastal Commission

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Step 1 Submit sign up form


Register online:

When you register, it will assist us in tracking participation and general locations.  Please remember to form groups from the same household only, and maintain 6 feet distance from other participating neighbors.

For more information, feel free to contact the District at (707) 428-9100.


Step 2 Fill out a waiver form


Prepare for the day:

For your safety and your neighbors, wear facial masks especially within 6 feet of others outside of your household.  Other standard items to bring, but not limited to, are reusable buckets or trash bags, disposable gloves, litter grabbers, bug spray, closed-toe shoes, a wagon to haul the trash, water and snacks.

Step 3 Prepare for the event

buckets and pickers

Cleanup Day:

Focus your cleanup efforts on trash and recyclables and counting what you find with the CleanSwell app. Sort out clean CRV cans and bottles to recycle at a Certified Recycling Center if you’d like – otherwise, place trash and recyclables in your residential trash or recycling containers. Avoid picking up personal protective equipment, or PPE, unless you have a grabber, and leave behind syringes, camps, items covered in waste, heavy items, or anything you are uncomfortable picking up. If you need advice on what to do with any of these items, call your local police dispatch or Solano County Sheriff’s office.

Dumpsters will not be available this year.

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Collect Data:

Researchers need your help understanding the impact you had during this event.  You may print the data cards or download the app Clean Swell, to make it more convenient to log in your findings.  Create an account, and with your location services turned ON, start collecting!



After your cleanup, respond to our Coastal Cleanup Reporting Survey to let us know how you did!

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